Recent changes to Record Suspensions!

Recent changes made to the Criminal Records Act (C.R.A.) have now impacted Record Suspensions.  Individuals who were not eligible for a Pardon after 2012 may now be eligible!  The waiting period has also changed for these individuals (3 or 5 years).

We have now re-activated and submitted our archived applications to the Parole Board of Canada.  Many of these recently affected applications have already resulted in Pardons!

Why have I been asked to submit my fingerprints again?

Many of our clients at F.I.P.S. ask us why they must submit their fingerprints again on a return visit.   The question is typically, “They (R.C.M.P.) already have my fingerprints, why are they asking again?”

The organization or employer requesting fingerprints from an individual, is not actually requesting your fingerprints.  They are concerned with the results of the fingerprints which is the criminal history, if any. The fingerprints are only used by the RCMP to confirm your identity. After completion of service, they are destroyed. They are not kept nor searched for other purposes.

These fingerprint results will be valid for a time that is determined only by the requesting organization or employer.  An individual may be requested to re-submit their fingerprints any time after 3 months.

All You Need to Know about Record Suspension and US Entry Waivers

A criminal record can prevent an individual from travelling to the USA and other countries. People, convicted of a crime in Canada, could be refused entry into the United States of America. The US and most other countries have similar immigration policies.

You can apply for a record suspension (formerly pardons). It can seal the criminal record.  F.I.P.S. provides reliable service with respect to Record Suspensions (formerly Pardons), US entry waivers and Record Destructions. Our experts will give free advice to help you to better understand which service is right for you. With our help, you can gain legal entry into the US.

Record Suspension and US Entry Waivers

Many people ask the question: what’s the difference between record suspension and US entry waivers. Let’s try to explain these services.

A record suspension involves the sealing of a criminal record.  No one will be able to find your criminal record even with criminal background check.  So, you can easily get employment, rent a house, etc.  In simple words, the criminal record will be inaccessible to anyone.  Only some government agencies can get access to these records.

The Parole Board of Canada grants record suspension. Thereis huge demand for Record Suspension in Canada.

You cannot enter the U.S with a criminal record. However, an US Entry Waiver can help you in this regard. It is an officially authorized documentation that allows an individual to legally enter the country. With a waiver, you can lawfully enter US without any worries.

All You Need to Know about Digital Finger Printing

Digital finger printing is the electronic imaging of fingerprints. An optical scanner is used in the process.  Afterwards the fingerprint is formatted in the right electronic pack.  This data is sent to the RCMP’s Canadian Criminal Real Time Information System (CCRTIS).  This is a relatively more efficient and new technology to collect fingerprints.  This is managed by CCRITS and RCMP. These fingerprints are compared against RCMP criminal record database.  If there is no match, the applicant will get a clearance certificate.

CCRIS maintains the records of criminal files of individuals.  And RCMP maintains a highly efficient Central Repository of fingerprints and criminal records information.

What is the Need for Fingerprints?

  • Many companies need fingerprints of their employees for background check.   They want to ensure the safety of their companies by matching fingerprints with the database.
  • You also need fingerprints for obtaining police clearance.
  • Fingerprints are also required to obtain security license.
  • People who want to apply for permanent residency in Canada or any other country also need fingerprints.
  • Fingerprints are required for name change.
  • For visa clearance.
  • For U.S. Waivers and border crossing.
  • Fingerprints are also required for employment in Municipal government, Canadian Police Force, Federal or Provincial.
  • If you want to apply for Record Suspension or Pardon service, fingerprints are required.

Ink and Roll or Digital fingerprint service: Which One is Better?

The ink and roll fingerprint method is widely used.  But, this method can take up to eight months.  This is a lengthy process.  But, there is a solution. Digital fingerprinting gives results in less than 14 days.  It is done in a confidential way.  Individual privacy and rights are not compromised at all.

FIPS offer reliable digital fingerprinting solutions. We will help you with our fast and affordable services. For more information please call us at Toronto – 416 663 3477 or Brampton- 905 497-3477.

When are you Eligible to Apply for a Record Suspension?

A Record Suspension was formerly known as Pardon. It is granted by the Parole Board of Canada. The demand for a Record Suspension has increased considerably in Canada. There are many reasons behind this increase. Many employers are encouraged to perform background checks to meet employment standards. These background checks are performed on both current and perspective employees. A current or perspective employee with a criminal record may find it difficult and embarrassing to reveal a criminal history.

Here are Some Benefits of Record Suspension:

• Increased possibility of seeking employment.
• Your criminal record will be sealed.
• Less scrutiny at the United States border.
• Peace of mind.
• Increased opportunities for rental opportunities.
• Ability to volunteer

When are you Eligible to Apply for a Record Suspension?

Anyone can apply for a Record Suspension once their sentence has been completed. A sentence may include:

• Fines and or probation.
• People convicted of summary offence have to wait 5 years. After completing 5 years, they can apply for a Record Suspension.
• People convicted of indictable offence must wait 10 years.

If you have any questions concerning a Record Suspension, please contact a reputable and reliable service provider.

Why You Should Choose F.I.P.S.?

If you’re searching for fast processing of U.S.Waivers, Record Suspensions or fingerprinting services, F.I.P.S. should be your number one choice. Our company serves clients in Toronto, Brampton and beyond the G.T.A. We take pride in fast processing of the above mentioned services.  We also have experienced and qualified staff to offer you the right advice.  We are now offering improved service of Ink to Digital scanning for expeditious Police Clearances for any country in the world.  In simple words, we can process any application.

How can we help you?

  • Your criminal record can stop your entry into the United States.  But there‘s a way out.  Our experts can help you gain a legal entry.
  • We can help you with record suspension as a “one stop shop” location with no hidden fees.
  • At F.I.P.S., we also offer electronic and paper based fingerprinting services for safe, fast RCMP certified criminal record verification & police clearance.
  •  We offer police clearance checks. We use name and date of birth checks or fingerprints.
  • We offer free supporting documents as well.

Who can apply for Record Suspension/Pardon?

  • Persons who have completed their sentence and paid fines (If any).
  • Persons convicted with summary offence will have to wait for five years.  A few examples of summary offences are fraud, theft, assault, etc.
  • Persons convicted with indictable offences will have to wait for ten years.  A few examples of indictable offences are theft of more than $5000, robbery, breaking & entering, assault resulting in body harm, etc.

If you want to get professional help, call us.  At FIPS, we’re always ready to serve you.  Please call us at Toronto – 416 663 3477 or Brampton- 905 497-3477 or 1-866-480-3477.

How important is it to have a qualified person take your fingerprints?

A qualified fingerprint technician is extremely important when considering the right fingerprinting agency.  It would be prudent for anyone to research or inquiry about any fingerprint technician or agency to ensure that the people are qualified.

An acceptable ink and roll fingerprint impression should be dark gray in colour and free of smudges.  A fingerprint impression must obviously capture the centre of the pad of the finger or thumb with as many ridges as possible leading to the outside of the finger or thumb.  This is a relatively simple process for a technician who has years of experience.  A good or very good fingerprint impression is obvious to the naked eye.  Conversely, a poor fingerprint impression is extremely noticeable. Typically a fingerprint analyst would require two types of fingerprint impressions; a rolled impression and a flat impression.

It is imperative that these impressions are taken correctly to ensure a result.

Fingerprint impressions should be taken by qualified and experienced technicians to ensure positive results on the first attempt.

While fingerprints may vary in appearance, the impression on paper should not.  Never hesitate to ask a fingerprint technician his/her experience.

Get back the quality of life you deserve by virtue of a Record Suspension (Pardon)

Sometimes the difference between someone having a criminal conviction and not is getting caught by law enforcement.  Let’s face it, most of us have done something we are not proud of, which by definition of the law is a criminal offence.  Its scandalous and dreadful impact could make someone’s life a living hell.  A criminal record could lead to a stigma which could affect employment opportunities, business ventures and embarrassing situations both locally and internationally. Fortunately, there is a way to start fresh and that way is by virtue of a Record Suspension.

A Record Suspensionis the forgiveness of a crime or crimes. The forgiveness or Record Suspension (Pardon) is granted by the Parole Board of Canada. The Record Suspension enables the candidate freedom to continue with a life free of obstacles associated with a criminal record.

There are various companies located in Toronto, Brampton, who provide Record Suspensions for their clients. There are not many companies which will complete all necessary documents on their clients’ behalf.  Record Suspensions lead to the liberty of traveling freely, financial benefits, licenses, adoption, and many other privileges. Availing such record is simple when professionals are there to help you and have your interest at heart. One just needs to consult the experienced and reputable company to get their life back on track.

Where can I go for a Background Check?

A background check is a process through which the Police check a database to view criminal history on a given individual.  This background check is also commonly referred to as a C.P.I.C. check.   C.P.I.C.  is an acronym for Canadian Police Information Centre.  A background check is commonly used to obtain employment, however, it may also be used for visas, landlord requests or obtaining or renewing business licences.

If you are interested in this service in Toronto or Brampton, F.I.P.S. will assist you in saving time, money and bring desirable results to customers.
F.I.P.S. is an accredited agency with the R.C.M.P..   Many people are under the impression that this is a Police function.  If you reside in the greater Toronto area it is no longer a Police function or responsibility.  While obtaining a Background check may appear to be very confusing, F.I.P.S. will assist you in identifying exactly the service you require and the reason for the given service.  In the event you do not qualify for a basic background or C.P.I.C. check F.I.P.S. will provide you advise on solutions such as Record Suspensions (Pardons) or United States entry Waivers to gain lawful entry into the United States. The professionals at F.I.P.S. will assure you understand and the process of a background check.

F.I.P.S. is a trusted source for quick and reliable background checks.  F.I.P.S. has been serving the Toronto and Brampton areas for years. The professionals implement standard procedure to find out the background details of the applicant and get it done as soon as possible.

Record Suspension (Canadian Pardon) by Experienced and Reliable Agency

Record Suspension (Canadian Pardon)

A Record Suspension is officially granted by federal the government of Canada and seals an individual’s criminal record.  All convictions will be removed from active criminal records stored in the RCMP database. Furthermore, no one is allowed to access this confidential file or document without prior written permission from the Minister of Public Safety Canada.

Once the applicant’s Record Suspension is ordered the candidate should never be required to reveal that he/she has ever had a criminal record.

Need of an experienced reliable Record Suspension provider:

Going to a reliable agency which specializes in Record Suspensions will be the right decision for candidate who is looking for efficient, reliable and quick results.  While an application can be performed by the individual, there are many steps and certain documents expire.  The procedure to apply for Record Suspension is lengthy and requires communication with government agencies.  If anything is missed, the Parole Board of Canada will return your application.  This will result in delays which could be months.  Therefore, people must visit reliable and reputable agencies with years of experience in this profession. Professional agencies are in constant communication with Federal, Provincial and Municipal government bodies and as such are updated and aware of changes.  Thus, it is recommended to consult reputable agencies and to ask numerous questions.

Need of Canadian Pardon (Record suspension)

  • If you have a criminal record you need a Canadian record suspension (formerly a Canadian pardon).
  • Looking for Employment
  • Adopting
  • Considering Entering the United States

These are just a few reasons to seriously consider a Record Suspension. A criminal record can prevent personal freedom in several ways as the criminal record can affect your personal and professional life negatively or for a lengthy time.  A criminal record remains with you and associated to you until late retirement.

F.I.P.S. Inc. is a one stop shop as it is accredited by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (R.C.M.P.) to take fingerprints which is the first step in obtaining a Record Suspension and achieving freedom and life without the negative association of a criminal history.