All You Need to Know about Record Suspension and US Entry Waivers

A criminal record can prevent an individual from travelling to the USA and other countries. People, convicted of a crime in Canada, could be refused entry into the United States of America. The US and most other countries have similar immigration policies.

You can apply for a record suspension (formerly pardons). It can seal the criminal record.  F.I.P.S. provides reliable service with respect to Record Suspensions (formerly Pardons), US entry waivers and Record Destructions. Our experts will give free advice to help you to better understand which service is right for you. With our help, you can gain legal entry into the US.

Record Suspension and US Entry Waivers

Many people ask the question: what’s the difference between record suspension and US entry waivers. Let’s try to explain these services.

A record suspension involves the sealing of a criminal record.  No one will be able to find your criminal record even with criminal background check.  So, you can easily get employment, rent a house, etc.  In simple words, the criminal record will be inaccessible to anyone.  Only some government agencies can get access to these records.

The Parole Board of Canada grants record suspension. Thereis huge demand for Record Suspension in Canada.

You cannot enter the U.S with a criminal record. However, an US Entry Waiver can help you in this regard. It is an officially authorized documentation that allows an individual to legally enter the country. With a waiver, you can lawfully enter US without any worries.

Record Suspension (Canadian Pardon) by Experienced and Reliable Agency

Record Suspension (Canadian Pardon)

A Record Suspension is officially granted by federal the government of Canada and seals an individual’s criminal record.  All convictions will be removed from active criminal records stored in the RCMP database. Furthermore, no one is allowed to access this confidential file or document without prior written permission from the Minister of Public Safety Canada.

Once the applicant’s Record Suspension is ordered the candidate should never be required to reveal that he/she has ever had a criminal record.

Need of an experienced reliable Record Suspension provider:

Going to a reliable agency which specializes in Record Suspensions will be the right decision for candidate who is looking for efficient, reliable and quick results.  While an application can be performed by the individual, there are many steps and certain documents expire.  The procedure to apply for Record Suspension is lengthy and requires communication with government agencies.  If anything is missed, the Parole Board of Canada will return your application.  This will result in delays which could be months.  Therefore, people must visit reliable and reputable agencies with years of experience in this profession. Professional agencies are in constant communication with Federal, Provincial and Municipal government bodies and as such are updated and aware of changes.  Thus, it is recommended to consult reputable agencies and to ask numerous questions.

Need of Canadian Pardon (Record suspension)

  • If you have a criminal record you need a Canadian record suspension (formerly a Canadian pardon).
  • Looking for Employment
  • Adopting
  • Considering Entering the United States

These are just a few reasons to seriously consider a Record Suspension. A criminal record can prevent personal freedom in several ways as the criminal record can affect your personal and professional life negatively or for a lengthy time.  A criminal record remains with you and associated to you until late retirement.

F.I.P.S. Inc. is a one stop shop as it is accredited by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (R.C.M.P.) to take fingerprints which is the first step in obtaining a Record Suspension and achieving freedom and life without the negative association of a criminal history.

Why checking of criminal record is important for employment?

These days, scams are very common and it becomes tough to stay away from these problems as criminals are getting smarter day by day. Criminals use their sharp mind and new technology to attempt the crime. Presently, most of us have gone through this bad phase and it has seen that a single employee’s crime has cause big loss to the company. Sad, but we have to accept the fact that criminal record checking is important of an employee. Before signing an agreement with anyone it is important to do an employee criminal background check.

A background check will help the company to evaluate each employee and find out how many are best and beneficial for the company. It can be possible without any discrimination and needed to practice at least once in a year from the safety point of view. Employee criminal background check is helpful not only to protect the company, but is also helpful to protect the staff that the employee will work with. A simple background check eventually prevents unexpected incidences at the workplace and renders a safe working environment to company.

Criminal check starts with the verification of the personal details of each individual. It can be done by investing the history of the employee that might have recorded in the criminal record manuals of the courts. All these efforts will help the company to maintain a safe and healthy environment among the employees.