Digital fingerprinting results processed and mailed in 72 hours.*

FIPS offers the latest technology in digital fingerprinting services for the fastest, most reliable results available. FIPS has clearance from the RCMP to capture fingerprints and submit them to the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services for processing. This reduces the RCMP processing time to as little as 72 hours*, which means your fingerprint-based criminal record checks will be mailed to you in as little as three business days after attending our agency. We continue to offer the traditional ink & roll fingerprinting for international and local requests.

We offer:
  • Over 30 years of fingerprinting experience!
  • Professional, friendly and knowledgeable personnel.
  • Consistently clear and decipherable fingerprint impressions.
  • Efficient, competitive and incredibly fast service.
  • The latest digital technology for reliable capture and RCMP processing in as little as 72 hours*.
  • Service in different languages.
  • FREE OF CHARGE support documents and information to obtain your international police clearance.  No other agency offers this complete service.
How to get your Fingerprints 

We want to make your experience a pleasant one.  Our staff is committed to the highest standards of quality and professionalism in providing these services.  In order to serve you better, please ensure you have all the necessary documents before you visit our office.

Identification required

You must bring two pieces of valid government issued identification and one must be a photo.

Types of identification
  • Driver’s Licence (Canadian or Foreign)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Canadian Blood Donor Card
  • Indian Status Card
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Canadian Citizenship
  • Canadian National Institute of the Blind (CNIB) Identification Card
  • Hospital Card (Admission Cards Only)
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • International Student Card
  • Firearm Acquisition permit
  • Fishing Licence
  • Immigration papers (refugee, landed, student or work permit)
  • Passport
  • Government Employee Card
  • Hunting Licence
  • Military card
Social Insurance Number (S.I.N.) Cards are NOT ACCEPTABLE
  • It is recommended that applicants have a letter or file number from the requesting source, if applicable.
  • All digital fingerprinting requests for Canadian Citizenship must include a letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.  This letter must include the address for the third party results and should have a CIC file number, which will be included in your transaction.  Please ensure this letter is available during the fingerprinting application session.
No Appointment Necessary. We are open six days a week.

* Note this time may vary if you have been fingerprinted for a criminal offence or if you have outstanding charges.  This time may also depend on R.C.M.P. volume.