All You Need to Know about Record Suspension and US Entry Waivers


A criminal record can prevent an individual from travelling to the USA and other countries. People, convicted of a crime in Canada, could be refused entry into the United States of America. The US and most other countries have similar immigration policies.

You can apply for a record suspension (formerly pardons). It can seal the criminal record.  F.I.P.S. provides reliable service with respect to Record Suspensions (formerly Pardons), US entry waivers and Record Destructions. Our experts will give free advice to help you to better understand which service is right for you. With our help, you can gain legal entry into the US.

Record Suspension and US Entry Waivers

Many people ask the question: what’s the difference between record suspension and US entry waivers. Let’s try to explain these services.

A record suspension involves the sealing of a criminal record.  No one will be able to find your criminal record even with criminal background check.  So, you can easily get employment, rent a house, etc.  In simple words, the criminal record will be inaccessible to anyone.  Only some government agencies can get access to these records.

The Parole Board of Canada grants record suspension. Thereis huge demand for Record Suspension in Canada.

You cannot enter the U.S with a criminal record. However, an US Entry Waiver can help you in this regard. It is an officially authorized documentation that allows an individual to legally enter the country. With a waiver, you can lawfully enter US without any worries.

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