Why have I been asked to submit my fingerprints again?

Many of our clients at F.I.P.S. ask us why they must submit their fingerprints again on a return visit.   The question is typically, “They (R.C.M.P.) already have my fingerprints, why are they asking again?”

The organization or employer requesting fingerprints from an individual, is not actually requesting your fingerprints.  They are concerned with the results of the fingerprints which is the criminal history, if any. The fingerprints are only used by the RCMP to confirm your identity. After completion of service, they are destroyed. They are not kept nor searched for other purposes.

These fingerprint results will be valid for a time that is determined only by the requesting organization or employer.  An individual may be requested to re-submit their fingerprints any time after 3 months.

All You Need to Know about Digital Finger Printing

Digital finger printing is the electronic imaging of fingerprints. An optical scanner is used in the process.  Afterwards the fingerprint is formatted in the right electronic pack.  This data is sent to the RCMP’s Canadian Criminal Real Time Information System (CCRTIS).  This is a relatively more efficient and new technology to collect fingerprints.  This is managed by CCRITS and RCMP. These fingerprints are compared against RCMP criminal record database.  If there is no match, the applicant will get a clearance certificate.

CCRIS maintains the records of criminal files of individuals.  And RCMP maintains a highly efficient Central Repository of fingerprints and criminal records information.

What is the Need for Fingerprints?

  • Many companies need fingerprints of their employees for background check.   They want to ensure the safety of their companies by matching fingerprints with the database.
  • You also need fingerprints for obtaining police clearance.
  • Fingerprints are also required to obtain security license.
  • People who want to apply for permanent residency in Canada or any other country also need fingerprints.
  • Fingerprints are required for name change.
  • For visa clearance.
  • For U.S. Waivers and border crossing.
  • Fingerprints are also required for employment in Municipal government, Canadian Police Force, Federal or Provincial.
  • If you want to apply for Record Suspension or Pardon service, fingerprints are required.

Ink and Roll or Digital fingerprint service: Which One is Better?

The ink and roll fingerprint method is widely used.  But, this method can take up to eight months.  This is a lengthy process.  But, there is a solution. Digital fingerprinting gives results in less than 14 days.  It is done in a confidential way.  Individual privacy and rights are not compromised at all.

FIPS offer reliable digital fingerprinting solutions. We will help you with our fast and affordable services. For more information please call us at Toronto – 416 663 3477 or Brampton- 905 497-3477.

So you have a criminal record in Canada & want to enter the U.S.A.

Most Canadians who have a criminal record face the problem of visiting United States legally  due to their criminal history.  This could even apply to individuals who have had their criminal record sealedor pardoned. In order to enter the United States legally a visitor must apply for a U.S. Entry Waiver. When crossing the United States border, travelers face common questions at the border such as “Where do you live?”,“What is the purpose of your visit?”, and “how long are you staying?” Apart from these questions, a United States official may check your criminal history.  If this occurs and you have a criminal history many more questions will ensue.  There is also a very strong possibility of being detained and possibly arrested.

A U.S. Waiver permits Canadian citizens temporary entry into the United States.  The entry could range from one year to unlimited entry to the United States.In most cases a U.S. Waivers must be renewed.It only permits an individual to visit the U.S. for the specified time period. U.S.Waivers can be used numerous times up to the date that they expire.

The US Entry Waiver Application Process

The U.S. Entry Waiver Application is specific to each individual and requires not only the approved documents outlined by the Department of Homeland Security, but also “Court Informations” and other supporting documents.

Documents required

You will need to submit various documents such as Birth Certificate, Canadian Citizenship Card, Driver’s Licence and /or Passport.

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Why checking of criminal record is important for employment?

These days, scams are very common and it becomes tough to stay away from these problems as criminals are getting smarter day by day. Criminals use their sharp mind and new technology to attempt the crime. Presently, most of us have gone through this bad phase and it has seen that a single employee’s crime has cause big loss to the company. Sad, but we have to accept the fact that criminal record checking is important of an employee. Before signing an agreement with anyone it is important to do an employee criminal background check.

A background check will help the company to evaluate each employee and find out how many are best and beneficial for the company. It can be possible without any discrimination and needed to practice at least once in a year from the safety point of view. Employee criminal background check is helpful not only to protect the company, but is also helpful to protect the staff that the employee will work with. A simple background check eventually prevents unexpected incidences at the workplace and renders a safe working environment to company.

Criminal check starts with the verification of the personal details of each individual. It can be done by investing the history of the employee that might have recorded in the criminal record manuals of the courts. All these efforts will help the company to maintain a safe and healthy environment among the employees.

This Time Depending Upon Identification Services – Fingerprints Service

Before understanding the need of Digital fingerprinting, you should know the meaning of it. This is the electronic capture of fingerprints of a person through a optical scanner. Then this scanned fingerprint with proper detail application is formatted into a standardized electronic pack and emailed directly to the RCMP’s Canadian Criminal Real Time Information System (CCRTIS). This digital fingerprinting is the new technology for fingerprinting service, which is managed by CCRITS and RCMP.

These fingerprints are compared against the RCMP’s criminal records database. If the record does not match, then a clear record indicating certificate is issued.

CCRIS work is to manage the criminal record files which consist of various criminal charges of an individual. Whereas RCMP work is to manage Central Repository of fingerprints and criminal records information.

Who needs fingerprints?

  • Today with the need of intense security, many agencies and organizations require fingerprints of employees and volunteers.
  • People who wish to immigrate or apply for Country citizenship they also require fingerprints with police clearance.
  • Those who apply for permanent residence in Canada they require police clearance with fingerprints from the country they belong (or are citizens).
  • For Security license
  • For Name change
  • If Traveling Foreign or abroad they require it for Visa clearance
  • For U.S. Waivers and border crossing
  • Employment in Municipal government, Canadian Police Force, Federal or Provincial.
  • Fingerprints required for Record Suspension or Pardon service.

Ink and Roll or Digital fingerprint service

Many organizations use ink and roll fingerprints method also which take up to eight months to get the required result. Whereas digital fingerprinting can be processed electronically and in less than 72 hours you can get the result and detail information can be completed within 14 days. This process in done in a confidential manner, where proper care of individual privacy and rights are assured.

At FIPS you can find the best and latest technology in digital fingerprinting for reliable results. Our professional and experienced personnel will help you in every possible way with exceedingly fast service. For more information please call us at Toronto – 416 663 3477 or Brampton- 905 497-3477.