Why You Should Choose F.I.P.S.?

If you’re searching for fast processing of U.S.Waivers, Record Suspensions or fingerprinting services, F.I.P.S. should be your number one choice. Our company serves clients in Toronto, Brampton and beyond the G.T.A. We take pride in fast processing of the above mentioned services.  We also have experienced and qualified staff to offer you the right advice.  We are now offering improved service of Ink to Digital scanning for expeditious Police Clearances for any country in the world.  In simple words, we can process any application.

How can we help you?

  • Your criminal record can stop your entry into the United States.  But there‘s a way out.  Our experts can help you gain a legal entry.
  • We can help you with record suspension as a “one stop shop” location with no hidden fees.
  • At F.I.P.S., we also offer electronic and paper based fingerprinting services for safe, fast RCMP certified criminal record verification & police clearance.
  •  We offer police clearance checks. We use name and date of birth checks or fingerprints.
  • We offer free supporting documents as well.

Who can apply for Record Suspension/Pardon?

  • Persons who have completed their sentence and paid fines (If any).
  • Persons convicted with summary offence will have to wait for five years.  A few examples of summary offences are fraud, theft, assault, etc.
  • Persons convicted with indictable offences will have to wait for ten years.  A few examples of indictable offences are theft of more than $5000, robbery, breaking & entering, assault resulting in body harm, etc.

If you want to get professional help, call us.  At FIPS, we’re always ready to serve you.  Please call us at Toronto – 416 663 3477 or Brampton- 905 497-3477 or 1-866-480-3477.

So you have a criminal record in Canada & want to enter the U.S.A.

Most Canadians who have a criminal record face the problem of visiting United States legally  due to their criminal history.  This could even apply to individuals who have had their criminal record sealedor pardoned. In order to enter the United States legally a visitor must apply for a U.S. Entry Waiver. When crossing the United States border, travelers face common questions at the border such as “Where do you live?”,“What is the purpose of your visit?”, and “how long are you staying?” Apart from these questions, a United States official may check your criminal history.  If this occurs and you have a criminal history many more questions will ensue.  There is also a very strong possibility of being detained and possibly arrested.

A U.S. Waiver permits Canadian citizens temporary entry into the United States.  The entry could range from one year to unlimited entry to the United States.In most cases a U.S. Waivers must be renewed.It only permits an individual to visit the U.S. for the specified time period. U.S.Waivers can be used numerous times up to the date that they expire.

The US Entry Waiver Application Process

The U.S. Entry Waiver Application is specific to each individual and requires not only the approved documents outlined by the Department of Homeland Security, but also “Court Informations” and other supporting documents.

Documents required

You will need to submit various documents such as Birth Certificate, Canadian Citizenship Card, Driver’s Licence and /or Passport.

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Why you need to seriously think about Police Check Service

One day while traveling in subway I overheard two passengers speaking, details regarding why police check is necessary? I would like to share my experience with all my friends.

From security point of view, the standard of care has increased due to the rising crime and fraud. So, in this fast pace life, police checking become quite necessary for people and especially for those who are applying for jobs or placements in Toronto, Brampton, and Mississauga. Police check in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga is quite important in for security reasons. A police check comprises search of police records to check whether any criminal violence has been recorded under your name or not. It is done to ensure that whether volunteers are of suitable for the character and their roles. In Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, the police check is quite easy by the assistance of FIPS. FIPS is a renowned name in Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga that help people to go through the police checking procedure easily. FIPS ensure their customers that the procedure is quite simple and people need not to get worry. It provides reference check by the help of using one’s name, date of birth and finger prints. These checks get done easily before hiring a person on a position of an employee or volunteer.

C.P.I.C. is a Canadian Police Information Check will easily conduct an electronic investigation. Under the investigation of C.P.I.C, the company gathers various information of a candidate from service data bank and identification data bank. The information is related to some files like Restraining orders, Criminal convictions, Suspects in a criminal offence, Current criminal charges before the Courts and Parole information. One can rely on FIPS to get the right direction to for the safe and legal process.

Apart from C.P.I.C, people will also go under R.C.M.P. Criminal Record Checks, which is conducted on two different bases.

Fingerprint Check: Finger print check get done by RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records. It takes 72 hours to get done processed properly. The results offer a Certified Criminal Record Check to the candidate.

Name based check: The name based checking comprises the search of real name and date of birth. The by RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records cross check the details of the earlier record which is matching or not. The results of this clarification and investigation are known as Police Clearance, Police Clearance Certificate, Background Check, C.P.I.C., Police Record Check, Criminal Background and Criminal Record check. The entire process of name based check gets done easily in less time.

Police check in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, is quite simple and people can trust them for any kind of need. People can easily go for any kind of background check by the assistance of FIPS, as it is easy and less time taking.

This Time Depending Upon Identification Services – Fingerprints Service

Before understanding the need of Digital fingerprinting, you should know the meaning of it. This is the electronic capture of fingerprints of a person through a optical scanner. Then this scanned fingerprint with proper detail application is formatted into a standardized electronic pack and emailed directly to the RCMP’s Canadian Criminal Real Time Information System (CCRTIS). This digital fingerprinting is the new technology for fingerprinting service, which is managed by CCRITS and RCMP.

These fingerprints are compared against the RCMP’s criminal records database. If the record does not match, then a clear record indicating certificate is issued.

CCRIS work is to manage the criminal record files which consist of various criminal charges of an individual. Whereas RCMP work is to manage Central Repository of fingerprints and criminal records information.

Who needs fingerprints?

  • Today with the need of intense security, many agencies and organizations require fingerprints of employees and volunteers.
  • People who wish to immigrate or apply for Country citizenship they also require fingerprints with police clearance.
  • Those who apply for permanent residence in Canada they require police clearance with fingerprints from the country they belong (or are citizens).
  • For Security license
  • For Name change
  • If Traveling Foreign or abroad they require it for Visa clearance
  • For U.S. Waivers and border crossing
  • Employment in Municipal government, Canadian Police Force, Federal or Provincial.
  • Fingerprints required for Record Suspension or Pardon service.

Ink and Roll or Digital fingerprint service

Many organizations use ink and roll fingerprints method also which take up to eight months to get the required result. Whereas digital fingerprinting can be processed electronically and in less than 72 hours you can get the result and detail information can be completed within 14 days. This process in done in a confidential manner, where proper care of individual privacy and rights are assured.

At FIPS you can find the best and latest technology in digital fingerprinting for reliable results. Our professional and experienced personnel will help you in every possible way with exceedingly fast service. For more information please call us at Toronto – 416 663 3477 or Brampton- 905 497-3477.