Where can I go for a Background Check?


A background check is a process through which the Police check a database to view criminal history on a given individual.  This background check is also commonly referred to as a C.P.I.C. check.   C.P.I.C.  is an acronym for Canadian Police Information Centre.  A background check is commonly used to obtain employment, however, it may also be used for visas, landlord requests or obtaining or renewing business licences.

If you are interested in this service in Toronto or Brampton, F.I.P.S. will assist you in saving time, money and bring desirable results to customers.

F.I.P.S. is an accredited agency with the R.C.M.P..   Many people are under the impression that this is a Police function.  If you reside in the greater Toronto area it is no longer a Police function or responsibility.  While obtaining a Background check may appear to be very confusing, F.I.P.S. will assist you in identifying exactly the service you require and the reason for the given service.  In the event you do not qualify for a basic background or C.P.I.C. check F.I.P.S. will provide you advise on solutions such as Record Suspensions (Pardons) or United States entry Waivers to gain lawful entry into the United States. The professionals at F.I.P.S. will assure you understand and the process of a background check.

F.I.P.S. is a trusted source for quick and reliable background checks.  F.I.P.S. has been serving the Toronto and Brampton areas for years. The professionals implement standard procedure to find out the background details of the applicant and get it done as soon as possible.

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