How important is it to have a qualified person take your fingerprints?


A qualified fingerprint technician is extremely important when considering the right fingerprinting agency.  It would be prudent for anyone to research or inquiry about any fingerprint technician or agency to ensure that the people are qualified.

An acceptable ink and roll fingerprint impression should be dark gray in colour and free of smudges.  A fingerprint impression must obviously capture the centre of the pad of the finger or thumb with as many ridges as possible leading to the outside of the finger or thumb.  This is a relatively simple process for a technician who has years of experience.  A good or very good fingerprint impression is obvious to the naked eye.  Conversely, a poor fingerprint impression is extremely noticeable. Typically a fingerprint analyst would require two types of fingerprint impressions; a rolled impression and a flat impression.

It is imperative that these impressions are taken correctly to ensure a result.

Fingerprint impressions should be taken by qualified and experienced technicians to ensure positive results on the first attempt.

While fingerprints may vary in appearance, the impression on paper should not.  Never hesitate to ask a fingerprint technician his/her experience.

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